The Quarterly No. 3 - July 1991

Making Paper on a Mould dated 1812 - Alan Crocker

Follow up article to "Paper-maker's Mould dated 1812" in The Quarterly No 1, detailing how it was used to produce about 400 sheets at Wookey Hole Papermill. These were produced to provide samples to bind into The Diaries of James Simmons Paper Maker of Haslemere, 1831-1868, by Alan Crocker and Martin Kane.

2 pages, illustrated

Some Published Guides to Directories - John A Lane

Details of three bibliographies of British directories which cover the whole of Britain up to 1950. Directories are a vital source of information for the study of paper, as well as other historical subjects.

1 page

Copy Letter from A Poggi to J Whatman - Peter Bower

Transcription of a letter, by A P Woolrich, from Anthony Cesari de Poggi to James Whatman, discussing the various merits of English and continental printing papers and their production. It is from one of Joshua Gilpin's Journals, and was probably copied into his Journal in 1796/97, however, the letter could be from some years earlier. The letter goes into great detail, especially on the treatment of rags, and provides a valuable insight into eighteenth century paper production.

4 pages

Book Reviews

The Diaries of James Simmons, Papermaker of Haslemere, 1831-1868. Extracts selected, introduced and annotated by Alan Crocker and Martin Kane.
Carl Emil A/S, 150 Years in Paper, 1840-1990. Gunnar Christie Wasberg.
Frogmore & the First Fourdrinier. A History of the British Paper Company. Austin Pilkington.
Which Paper? A review of Fine Papers. Silvie Turner.

Hand Made Paper Production at Springfield Mill, Maidstone, Kent in 1906 - Peter Bower

To commemorate the 250th anniversary of one of the greatest names in paper making we are publishing a sequence of photographs taken around 1906 at Springfield Mill. The Whatman name and history will be familiar to all of us, but these, sadly anonymous, photographs showing the scale and complexity of the production process at the turn of the century are a marvellous record of a way of life and an exellence in the production of hand made papers that may never be equalled. In addition we have included a rare still taken from a film of one of the last makings of Antiquarian paper in the 1930's. All these photographs are published courtesy of Whatman Ltd.

5 pages, illustrated