The Quarterly No. 2 - August 1990

First Annual Conference of the British Association of Paper Historians - Stella Butler

Account of the Association's first conference held at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester on 7th October 1989. Topics presented including the National Paper Museum Collection, held at the conference venue, and the history of papermaking at Ellesmere Port, there was also a visit to the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology Paper Science Department.

2 pages, illustrated

Some Notes on the Matthias Koops Papers - Richard L Hills

An account of the attempt by Matthias Koops to establish a business in 1801, on part of the Grovesnor Estate at Millbank, manufacturing paper from straw. Other materials were also explored, hay, thistles, waste and refuse of hemp and flax, and different kinds of wood and bark. Koops had taken out a patent for de-inking and recycling paper and it is assumed that he was experimenting with these different materials at the same time. The business failed shortly afterwards in 1803.

3 pages

Pavy's Felted Paper Fabric - Alan Crocker

Details of a decorative fabric made at Postford Mill near Guildford in the 1870's. The material was firm and tough, yet pliable, and was used as curtains in an exhibition in South Kensington. It was made from a variety of animal and vegetable fibres, with the addition of powdered minerals or metals to produce a sparkling effect. The author would be grateful for more information, especially the location of any surviving material.

2 pages, illustrated

Countermarks in an Archive at Nottingham, 1812 - Glenys Crocker

Examination of a collection of 179 letters dated 1812, the correspondence of the United Company of Framework Knitters, formed in Nottinghamshire in 1812. Details are given of the names, and dates if featured, in the countermarks found, also whether the paper was laid or wove, and source.

2 pages

Unsung Heroes - Colin Cohen

A short note on the lack of papermakers featured in the Dictionary of National Biography, with an appeal for the submission of entries supported by sufficient information to merit an entry.